Bass Guitar Piano Saxophone

Swing Theory is a fresh and exciting
9-piece band of new musical talent
providing entertainment for any
event or occasion.

We have a diverse range of styles from Sinatra through pop classics and more serious jazz and funk. This is all tailored to your needs to ensure we provide an unforgettable event. Swing Theory can even learn requested songs for your function and during any intervals we will play recorded music.

Not only are we all dedicated and skilled musicians, but also have known and played with each other for years. We really know how to groove together and you’re sure to feel how much we enjoy what we do. This great vibe means our audiences always have a good time.

Gig List

Although we are based in the West Midlands, Swing Theory will play at events throughout the UK, complete with our own PA system and lights.

Interested in Swing Theory? How about checking out our Media page to hear us in action or going straight to the Contact page to make an enquiry?